How It Works

We designed with a wealth of features to make it both easy to use and powerful. Ballot results can be viewed "live" by your election officals. Printout and/or archive the results when the election closes.

We provide a variety of services and price ranges depending on the size of your voter group. Our system has been used by groups as small as 30 and as large as 20,000+ potential voters. The cost per voter is far less than the cost of printing and mailing a "paper" ballot, and since the results of the election are automatically tallied in real-time and available immediately, the labor and potential human error of vote counting is minimized.

Here are the steps (try it now) that a voter would take; total time, less than a minute! :
  • Voter receives email invitation to vote in their personal email account. (The invitation includes a link to our secure site with the voter's personal registration code embedded. Once votes have been cast using this code, it will not work again.)

  • Voter clicks the link in the email invitation. The ballot automatically loads in the voter's browser. The voter can choose between English and French ballot display.

  • Voter makes selections of candidates. A verification screen then shows the candidates chosen and an alert about any races in which no votes were cast. The voter can return to the ballot to make changes if necessary.

  • Upon submission, the voter can send comments about the election, or see current vote counts (both are administrative options). Done!

  • Paper ballots can still be used for those members that can't (or won't) use a computer, and vote tallies can be made electronically.

email with voter code

security page

ballot page

vote confirmation