Electronic Surveys and Course Evaluations

You can use our system to carry out on-line polling and surveys. Potential focus groups include your members, clients, students, co-workers, and many others.

Professional organizations are using Campus-vote to survey their membership on ballot issues, future meeting site preferences, executive committee opinions and by-law changes.

Educators can survey students on in-class topics, exit satisfaction, teaching techniques, content knowledge ... whatever type of immediate feedback is needed from your constituency.

You get immediate feedback from your membership, viewed in 'real-time', and save postage/paper costs too.

Try a demonstration Survey or Course Evaluation to see how easy it is for your users. In our E-Survey system, each participant receives an anonymous personal access code (a random string of characters). This code can only be used to make one submission.

Your access code for these demonstrations is DDBJK
Demonstration Survey   Demonstration Course Evaluation

As the survey administrator, you can also view the current:

Survey Results   Course Evaluation Results

Unlike most electronic polling software, the Campus-Vote web system provides more accurate results, since your member's responses are anonymous (they tend to give more honest feedback). Importantly, each member of your group can only reply to the survey one time. Because highly motivated participants with strong opinions can often turn in multiple submissions, this is a common problem in normal web polls. In contrast, the Campus-Vote system uses individual access codes to allow only one response per participant.

You can convert your Campus-Vote software between survey and election mode with just a click. Nothing extra to install or learn. Our server and application can generate codes for manual distribution and also has built in email capabilities. We've found that this is a great way to urge folks to participate in the survey. Each participant can get an email reminder that takes them immediately to the instrument. The survey can also be completely customized to fit your organization's needs.

Survey mode gives you increased flexibility for entering longer text passages in the questions as well as the response choices. An additional text entry field can also be included in each question to allow open-ended responses.

To try your own system out, create free access on our server. Once created, you can then use your Administration page to switch between "Election mode" and "Survey mode" - that's all there is to it. As always, there is no charge to use the Standard version of the system.